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the true definition of masochism

is masturbating with a razorblade.

Dana Newman
21 May
I'm a person, female to be more specific. I am a specific number of years of age, until next May. I have all my limbs, which when stacked together to form me reaches 5'7 and weighs 115 lbs. I'm generally pale until my medication makes me allergic to the sun, then I have a tan for about a week. Following that I become my usual glow-in-the-dark self. My cat makes me sad, my dog makes me sadder. My piano is in the basement that I am scared of. It's not so much the basement, but the serial killer who lives under the bed in the back room. He doesn't glow in the dark :(. I like grey, among other things. My hair is brown with purple-ish colored highlights. My eyes are a reddish brown. I'm a schizophrenic nympho who drinks a lot of water, yet refuses to swim in it. I play the piano in the sense that I have a piano and books and attend lessons where I play things I couldn't be bothered to practise. I hate scales, scales are the work of people who couldn't play songs. Fuckers.